Emperors & Jewels: Treasures of the Indian Courts from the Al-Sabah Collection, Kuwait

18 August 2018–27 January 2019

Exhibition Overview


Exhibition banner photo for Emperors & Jewels.

Vogue declared men’s jewellery and accessories a top trend for 2018 — but as Fit for a Prince will demonstrate, this is a trend with deep roots across time and geography. The exquisitely crafted objects on display, decorated with gems such as diamonds and carved from semi-precious stone like jade, reflect the splendour and opulence of life at the courts of the Mughals and their contemporaries, who ruled India from the 16th to 19th centuries. As great patrons of the jewelled arts, which blended Indian, Persian, and Central Asian traditions, they contributed to a flowering of creativity and craftsmanship. Paintings from the Aga Khan Museum’s Collection, showing hunts and battles, receptions and gardens, set the scene for the jewelled artworks and reveal how passionate Mughal princes were about art and beauty, adorning themselves magnificently, both to feast and to fight.

(Photo courtesy of Adrian Armstrong.)

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