Aria Dean

13 October 2018–13 January 2019

Exhibition Overview


Aria Dean. But as One Doesn’t Know Where My Centre Is, One Will With Difficulty Ascertain The Truth . . . Though This Task Has Made Me Ill, It Will Also Make Me Healthy Again (Crowd Index), 2018.

Aria Dean is an artist, critic, and curator whose work examines the frameworks of our individual and collective identities. She is particularly interested in the complicated relationship between “blackness” and the internet, which has created new platforms for the creation and consumption of culture. This first solo museum presentation of Dean’s work includes three videos that explore how blackness is constructed through the repetition and circulation of its representations. Making references to pop culture, philosophical texts, and her own family history, these works are part of Dean’s contributions to a larger conversation on the social effects of new technologies.

(Image courtesy the artist and Château Shatto, Los Angeles.)

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