Anahuacalli Museum

Mexico City | Mexico

About the Museum

Since the 1930s, Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo have embraced the idea of inheriting two museums from the people of Mexico. The first, the Anahuacalli, protects the more than 50 thousand pre-Hispanic pieces that Diego Rivera collected throughout his life. The second museum, called La Casa Azul (Blue House) where Frida Kahlo lived, houses work and objects from her universe. Above all, it retains much of the environment in which she lived. In 1955, Rivera formed a trust with the Bank of Mexico to administer and oversee compliance with the provisions relating to the two museums. Upon the death of the artist, the Anahuacalli was under construction. His daughter, Ruth Rivera, and architect Juan O'Gorman supervised the architectural conclusion of the museum and, thanks to the generosity of Dolores Olmedo, it was completed in 1963 and inaugurated in 1964.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons; AlejandroLinaresGarcia

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