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The Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM) is devoted to exploring the rich artistic heritage of Asia, particularly the ancestral cultures of Singaporeans. Opened in 1997, and occupying its present building by the Singapore River since 2003, the museum traces its roots to the Raffles Museum, founded in the mid-19th century. Today ACM focuses on the historical connections between cultures both within and without Asia. Singapore’s story as a port city that accommodated people from across the globe is used as a framework for examining the continent’s history.
The Ancient Religions Gallery located within the ACM explores the spread and influence of the grand religions of India – Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism (though Jainism never became popular outside India). Masterpieces of sculpture, painting, and ritual objects trace the spread of these ancient religions across trade routes from India to China, and on to Southeast Asia through the centuries.
Special exhibitions bring magnificent objects from around the world to the museum’s Singapore audience, while a programme of events that includes Saturdays@ACM, Lunchtime Concerts and the annual ACM After Dark encourages visitors to more closely engage with art and culture.

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