Nate Lowman - Works from Astrup Fearnley Collection

13 April–13 May 2018

Exhibition Overview


Nate Lowman (born 1979) moves within the American art world as well as in the consumer community and the media world in general, constantly recoiling the visual signs he finds. The raw material for his art he extracts from the news, popular culture and art history and filters it through his own interpretations, thoughts and feelings. By mixing pictures of both famous and unfamiliar people, including his own family, he creates stories in the form of large collages mounted right on the wall. By letting one character slip into another, he manages a variety of possibilities and rich stories, open-minded stories. This way of collecting, curating, orchestrating and changing things reflects today's American society.

In the exhibition there will be a number of Lowman's central works from the last 14 years. From silk screen and sculptures to his distinctive alkyd paintings and large wall collages combining appropriately popular cultural material with his own picturesque and sculptural works.

(Photo: © Astrup Fearnley Museum)

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