Liliana Porter

8 December 2018–3 March 2019

Exhibition Overview

Liliana Porter.jpg

Liliana Porter, Drum Solo [Solo de Tambor], 2000 (still), 16 mm film transferred to digital video to DVD.

In the video Drum Solo [Solo de Tambor] (2000; 19 min) Liliana Porter brings to life a cast of recurrent toy-like characters that have appeared in her artworks over the years. Through straight-forward animation and accompanied by a music score by Sylvia Meyer, vintage figurines perform in humorous, absurd, and sometimes moving vignettes. Porter’s installation Labor forzada [Forced Labor] (2005) will also be on view, featuring a tiny worker shoveling an impossibly large pile of dirt, a light-hearted but incisive comment about labor and social injustice.

(Photo courtesy of Blanton Museum of Art.)

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