Cats on the Page

23 November 2018–17 March 2019

Exhibition Overview

A chromolithograph of Puss in Boots.jpg

Chromolithograph of Puss pulling on his boots

Cats and their capers are celebrated in rhymes and stories familiar to us from childhood. Whether raising a smile, solving a crime, wreaking magical havoc or even performing in theatre, cats take centre stage in this free exhibition.

Exuberant and playful? Or more mysterious and threatening? Cats come to life in books, manuscripts and artwork to captivate and inspire. Renew your acquaintance with familiar favourites from Mog to T S Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats, while meeting some new friends from around the world. As they prowl the pages, these feline characters are sure to delight all ages – and especially anyone who loves cats!

(Image courtesy of the British Library)

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