Tadao Ando: Le Défi

10 October–31 December 2019

Exhibition Overview

Tadao Ando.jpg

Tadao Ando

The Centre Pompidou is holding a major retrospective of the work of the Japanese architect Tadao Ando, a key figure in contemporary architecture and a previous winner of the prestigious Pritzker prize for architecture.

Revolving around four main themes – the simplicity of space, the urban challenge, project genesis and dialogue with the past – the exhibition takes the visitor through the key principles behind Tadao Ando’s creations, such as his use of smooth concrete, the prominence given to simple geometric volumes, the incorporation of natural elements in his spatial arrangements and the importance he ascribes to the intensity of the physical experience generated by his architecture.

Through the fifty major projects on show, illustrated via 180 drawings, 70 original plans and numerous slideshows, this retrospective charts the different periods of his career as an architect and highlights his major accomplishments, from the Azuma House in Sumiyoshi (1976) to the Bourse de Commerce (stock exchange) in Paris (Autumn 2019).

(Photo © Kazumi Kurigami)

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