Centro Cultural La Corrala

Centro Cultural La Corrala

Madrid | Spain

About the Museum

Located in the center of the city -in the historic street corrale of Carlos Arniches, in the middle of El Rastro-, Centro Cultural La Corrala aims to spread the creative and scientific skills of the university throughout Madrid. Such purpose is enhanced by the location of the university, which finds itself in a neighborhood that, currently, socially and culturally, could be described as one of the future workshops of the city. Along with fostering this dialogue between the university and the environment, the programming of the La Corrala course is intended to be based on the dynamic plurality that characterizes the Autonomous University of Madrid. For this, the management and the coordination team are open, permanently, to the reception of proposals from the university community, as well as to initiatives that, from a broader scope, can serve to establish new links between the university and society.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons: Malopez 21)

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