Exterior View, Chimei Museum

Chimei Museum

Tainan | Taiwan

About the Museum

“My museum serves only one purpose : to exist for the public.” ─ Chi Mei Group Founder Wen-Long Shi

Founder of the Chi Mei Group, Mr. Wen-Long Shi, was so fond of his childhood visits to a local museum that he was inspired to build a museum for everyone to enjoy. The Chimei Museum was first established and housed in the administration building of the Chi Mei Corporation in 1992, relocated to the Tainan Metropolitan Park in 2014, and reopened in 2015. The museum was created so that people of all ages and social backgrounds can have easy access to Western culture and arts without having to travel abroad.

The collection at Chimei Museum consists mainly of Western art, musical instruments, arms and armour, animal taxidermy and fossils, exhibiting approximately 4,000 items, which is about one-third of the complete Chimei Collection.

Founder Shi expressed that, “Good works of art are not to be kept just for oneself to enjoy, but to be shared with the public; and a good collection should not reflect just the collector’s personal tastes, but to tailor to common tastes and have enough varieties for everyone to find something to enjoy and appreciate.”

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