Stacey Steers: Edge of Alchemy

18 January–19 May 2019

Exhibition Overview

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Stacey Steers, Edge of Alchemy, 2017. 19 minutes / 35 mm to 4K.

In the Edge of Alchemy (2017), silent film stars Mary Pickford and Janet Gaynor are cast into a surreal epic that upends the Frankenstein story. In this handmade, animated film, Stacey Steers employs found film footage and collages she creates with 19th-century engravings and illustrations. Every second of screen time is comprised of up to eight distinct collages and the labor intensive project took Steers five years to complete.

Edge of Alchemy is the third film in a trilogy made by Steers examining women's inner worlds. Music for the film was composed by Lech Jankowski, known for his work with the Brothers Quay.

(Photo courtesy of the artist.)

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