Devi Art Foundation

Gurgaon, Haryana | India

About the Museum

The Devi Art Foundation has been established to facilitate the viewership of creative expression and artistic practice that exist in India. This not-for-profit art center provides innovations unconstrained by commercial limitations to afford artists from the regions engaged in cutting edge and experimental works. Along with providing a platform for contemporary artists, the foundation hopes to interact closely with, and encourage young curators and critics, to help to give voice to their concerns. By undermining geo-political divides, the objective of the foundation is to foster a dialogue from within the Indian Sub-continent among various art practitioners, and to enhance the understanding of our shared history. A series of talks and lectures are designed to accompany the exhibitions in an attempt to bridge the gap between art production and a wider audience. There is also a supplement education and outreach program aimed to encourage a culture where art becomes a matter of active discussion and debate.

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