And Then The World Changed Colour: Breathing Yellow

13 February–2 June 2019

Exhibition Overview

Breathing Yellow.jpg

Mariele Neudecker, And Then The World Changed Colour: Breathing Yellow, 2019.

A new installation for Dulwich Picture Gallery by Mariele Neudecker.

From expeditions to the furthest reaches of Greenland, to being 2017 Guest Artist at nuclear research centre CERN, Mariele Neudecker’s work often explores the cross-section between the sublime natural world and human interference, much as in Sohlberg’s landscapes.

In her latest tank installation, Breathing Yellow, commissioned specially as part of Harald Sohlberg: Painting Norway for Dulwich Picture Gallery, Neudecker takes inspiration from the dense birch trees of Norway’s forests to create a three-dimensional living landscape submerged underwater. Inspired by the rich colour Sohlberg used in his paintings and the intense yellow light of the Mausoleum – part of Sir John Soane’s original stained glass design – this fragment of a world will continue to change and evolve at different times of the day, responding to the light conditions surrounding it.

(Commissioned by Dulwich Picture Gallery, courtesy of the artist and Galeria Pedro Cera, Lisbon. Photo: Benjamin Jones.)

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