EYE Film Institute Netherlands

Amsterdam | Netherlands

About the Museum

EYE Film Institute Netherlands is a Dutch archive and museum in Amsterdam that preserves and presents both Dutch and foreign films screened in the Netherlands. It is the national museum for film located on Amsterdam’s IJ harbour.

It has a collection of more than 40,000 films from all genres. The earliest materials date from the start of the film industry in the Netherlands in 1895. The collection represents an outstanding sample of film history, from classics and blockbusters to cult films. But EYE does not only focus on the past: it also closely follows the latest developments in film by organizing new acquisitions, programmes, and debates. EYE is internationally acclaimed for its knowledge of and expertise in the field of film restoration, research, and education. EYE focuses on film as an art form, as entertainment, and as part of digital visual culture.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Jvehrtum

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