New Orleans Second Line Parades: Photographs by Pableaux Johnson

16 December 2018–28 April 2019

Exhibition Overview


Pableaux Johnson, Anthony “Head Honcho” Sims, Extraordinary Gentleman, 2016.

Louisiana native Pableaux Johnson has been photographing Second Lines—or Sunday brass band parades—in New Orleans for over a decade. This exhibition presents more than 40 color portraits of members of African American Social Aid & Pleasure Clubs (SAPCs). Originating as benevolent associations dedicated to charitable work within the black community, the clubs have taken to the streets on special occasions for generations. Unmistakable in custom-tailored suits and gowns, matching hats and shoes, and colorful accessories such as parasols, sashes, and feathered fans, they parade through their neighborhoods accompanied by local musicians playing trombones, trumpets, tubas, and drums. Mixing together with crowds of all ages, the procession embodies a rich tradition of music, movement, and the demonstration of cultural pride.

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