Franz Marc: Drawings, Watercolors, Gouaches

30 September 2018–17 February 2019

Exhibition Overview

franz marc.jpg

Franz Marc, Deer killed, 1913.

The graphic work of Franz Marc, complemented by his watercolors and gouaches, is of great complexity. In addition to the numerous sketchbook pages there are independent drawings and watercolors, which correspond to the paintings, especially in the two years before the First World War in format, execution and importance. In his drawings, Franz Marc's experimentalism, his differentiated powers of observation, the security of the stroke and his search for abstract simplification are evident. His works on paper reflect the development of the autonomy of color in Marc's work, as well as the nuance-rich and sure color perception of the artist.

The Franz Marc Museum has a large number of outstanding works on paper by the artist, some of which prepare his large paintings, such as the "Blue Horse" (1911) or the (now lost) "Tower of the Blue Horses" (1913). The sketches, drawings and gouaches by Franz Marc show his special way of working, which is based on the variation of certain "compositional modules" - animal and nude studies, plant or landscape motifs, each of which is placed in new colored or compositional contexts. On the other hand, it relies on a precise observation of nature, which is implemented in virtuoso strokes.

The exhibition, which shows all works on paper by the Franz Marc Museum, is the first in a series of presentations that will provide a look into the depot. They accompany the work on a new collection catalog, which will be published in 2019.

(© Franz Marc Museum, Etta Foundation and Otto Stangl. Photo courtesy of Bayer & Mitko, Munich.)

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