Lee Miller and Surrealism in Britain

31 October 2018–20 January 2019

Exhibition Overview

Lee Miller.jpg

Lee Miller, Bathing Figure, Vogue Studio, London, 1941.

The exhibition Lee Miller and Surrealism in Britain provides an insight into one of the most important poles of the Surrealist movement's complex international network. The North American photographer Lee Miller and her partner, the British artist Roland Penrose, acted as ambassadors of the Surrealist cause in London. They were also close friends with Joan Miró, who remained in permanent contact with the Surrealist scene in Britain, culminating with his monographic exhibition at the Tate Gallery in 1964.

The show invites visitors to discover the activities of the Surrealist circle on British soil through the lens of one of its key members, the photographer Lee Miller. With Miller as the pivotal figure, the exhibition covers the 1930s through to the early 1950s in nine chapters that offer a wide selection of works and artists, providing an important insight into the impact of the Surrealist movement in the United Kingdom and its international outreach. The exhibition includes paintings, sculptures and photographs by Joan Miró, Man Ray, Paul Nash, Salvador Dalí, Eileen Agar, Max Ernst, Henry Moore, Leonora Carrington, Yves Tanguy, Roland Penrose and Lee Miller, among others.

(Photo © Lee Miller Archives, England, 2018.)

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