Fundación Federico Jorge Klemm

Fundación Federico Jorge Klemm

Buenos Aires | Argentina

About the Museum

The Fundación Federico Jorge Klemm was established in 1995 as a new concept for a global museum, where exhibitions of art collections could be showcased along with didactic and museological tools that met the needs of art lovers, collectors and specialized critics alike, by giving artworks new dimensions and contextualizing them as historical testimonies of the artistic practice. Federico Jorge Klemm started this venture by donating his personal collection to the institution. Driven by the desire of giving it a permanent exhibition space, and as a gesture of his proclaimed love for art as a transcendental value and a means to explore globalization, the space embodied a life of its own. The Fundación Federico Jorge Klemm has dedicated its years and expertise to the promotion of young artists, the advancement of contemporary art, and the preservation of its patrimonial collection in order to share its wonderful objects with the community.

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