Alexander Calder: Theater of Encounters

8 September 2018–13 January 2019

Exhibition Overview

Calder Sculpture.jpg

Alexander Calder, Helen Wills II, 1927-28.

Theater of Encounters, an exhibition of approximately seventy works by Alexander Calder (USA, 1898 - 1976), covers six differently creative decades of the artist's life. Constituting a wide panorama, the exhibition is a testimony of the lasting contemporaneity of Calder and the importance of his artistic contributions.

Calder is known as the inventor of the "mobile", a type of suspended sculpture made of sheet metal and wire that captures movement in a series of ever-changing forms, offering radical alternatives to the language of abstraction and existing art concepts; It is also famous for its "stabiles", static sculptures with implicit movement.

From his mobiles of the 1930s to his monumental installations of the 1970s, Calder profoundly impacted the history of twentieth-century art.

With the curatorship of Sandra Antelo-Suárez, the exhibition follows the vision and relevance of Calder as one of the most pioneering artists of the last century. Theater of Encounters presents the diversity of his work, revealing his multifaceted approach as an artist. Theater of Encounters is organized by Fundación Proa with the collaboration of Calder Foundation, NY.

(Photo © 2018 Calder Foundation, New York / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / SAVA Buenos Aires.)

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