Gothenburg Museum of Art

Gothenburg Museum of Art

Gothenburg | Sweden

About the Museum

The Gothenburg Museum of Art aims to change the way we see and experience art by showing artworks and artists from unexpected perspectives, in order to expand and problematize the narrative of art history. In the display of the permanent collection, historical and contemporary artworks enter a dialogue that activates and vitalizes the collection for visitors. The exhibition program also cross-fertilizes classical art with contemporary art, and local art with national or international art. With a diverse exhibition program and a multitude of mediating activities, the Gothenburg Museum of Art is a cultural and social meeting point for an exchange of knowledge and experiences. Gothenburg Museum of Art is the third largest art museum in Sweden in terms of the size of its collection. The collection spans from historical to contemporary art. Gothenburg Museum of Art has a varied exhibition program with a mix of historical art and art from our time, as well as Nordic and international art. The museum also aims to show the collection from new perspectives and facilitate a dialogue between historical and contemporary art. Problematizing exhibitions are frequently shown, conveying the results of the museum’s research department to the public. With a broad selection of educational activities, different stories of art are communicated, made deeper and problematized.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons: Bolstermage

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