Danica Chappell: Thickness of Time

13 October 2018–24 February 2019

Exhibition Overview

Chappell_ThicknessOf Time_wip.jpg

Danica Chappell, from the series Thickness of Time, 2018.

Melbourne based artist Danica Chappell works in an observational and exploratory way to ‘abstract and re-interpret’ concepts of photography. She uses elements of collage and wet darkroom techniques to create non-figurative motifs, drawing upon and extending the photographic experiments of the early twentieth-century avant-garde. Chappell views the processes she uses in the darkroom as a kind of private performance involving a physical interaction with her materials, out of which her works emerge. She speaks of ‘a tactile engagement between process, the body and materials’.

Chappell’s works at Heide will explore what the artist calls ‘spatial-temporal abstraction’; rather than residing exclusively on the wall the photographs will be installed in a spatial three-dimensional manner that interacts with the gallery space, and with the viewer.

(Photo courtesy of the artist.)

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