Mirka Mora: Pas de Deux - Drawings and Dolls

27 October 2018–24 March 2019

Exhibition Overview


Mirka Mora, Untitled (Sweet Response), 1989.

A beloved and central figure in the cultural life of Australia, Mirka Mora long captured the public imagination with her distinctive art and inimitable personality.

Commemorating her extraordinary life and career, this exhibition brings together some of the artist’s most personal work: drawings and soft-sculpture dolls from her home and studio where she kept them close for many decades. For Mirka these two art forms went hand-in-hand. ‘My dolls are my drawings in three-dimensions’, she said.

The myriad works on display offer a glimpse into Mirka’s enchanting private universe, where hybrid characters derived from fairy tales, folk art, surrealism and the artist’s vivid daydreams intermingled. Together they create a compelling portrait of Mirka’s innermost self.

(Photo courtesy of William Mora Galleries, Melbourne © Estate of Mirka Mora.)

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