The dream of others. Leon Spilliaert, illustrator of Verhaeren, Maeterlinck, Hellens, ...

19 November 2017–2 April 2018

Exhibition Overview

Het Spilliaert Huis_The Dream of Others

Virtually unknown to most art lovers, the the illustrations of Leon Spilliaert (1881-1946), are on display at the House Spilliaert with a collection of works by Belgian writers like Emile Verhaeren, Maurice Maeterlinck, Franz Hellens, Paul Neuhuys and many others. Spilliaert illustrated his collections of poetry and plays, and even a children's book, drawings in Indian ink and watercolor, and he gave free rein to his inspiration in his visualization of the dream in collaboration with world authors.

The editions enriched with original illustrations and a set of drawings and watercolors that from the stylistic and thematic point of view have developed close to various literary influences.

The work, from public and private collections, present for the first time a complete panorama of Spilliaert's creations inspired by literature.

(Photo: Installation view of The Dream of Others, 2017, Het Spilliaert Huis.)

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