Hong Kong Museum of History

Kowloon | Hong Kong

About the Museum

Interior, Hong Kong Museum of History

The Hong Kong Museum of History provides an overview of the archaeology, ethnography, and natural and local history of Hong Kong and South China. The museum's eight permanent galleries include objects related to Hong Kong's 6,000 year history, starting with the natural environment and prehistoric Hong Kong and ending with the territory’s return to China in 1997. Its collection includes over 90,000 historical objects and materials. Highlights include replicas of village dwellings, traditional Chinese costumes and beds, a re-creation of an entire arcaded street in Central from 1881, including an old Chinese medicine shop; a tram from 1913; and film footage of WWII, including recent interviews with Chinese and foreigners taken prisoner by the Japanese. Founded to preserve the historical and cultural heritage of China, the museum continually adds to its collection new items that are related to the history of Hong Kong and the territories of South China.

(Photo: Wikipedia Commons: Daderot)

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