Out of the Woods: Celebrating Trees in Public Gardens, The Third New York Botanical Garden Triennial

19 May–27 August 2018

Exhibition Overview

Esmée Winkel, Leiden's 300-Year-Old Tulip Tree in Autumn (2016)

Organized by The New York Botanical Garden and the American Society of Botanical Artists, this traveling exhibition of original botanical artworks spotlights one of the planet's most important and beautiful resources-its trees-as cultivated by botanical gardens and arboreta. The exhibition highlights the role public gardens play in engaging visitors with trees and their ecological and utilitarian roles, and also underscores the conservation, research, and scholarship being undertaken by these institutions.

From more than submitted entries 200, 43 artworks were selected for the exhibition, featuring images of trees from small county arboreta alongside those from some of the world's most renowned botanical gardens-including The Huntington. Working in watercolor, oil, graphite, colored pencil, and ink, an international collection of artists has depicting everything from seedpods to branches and bark to an entire forest floor. By bringing these subjects to life through their work, botanical artists create new pathways for communicating the value of plants in contemporary life.

(Photo: © Esmée Winkel. Courtesy of the American Society of Botanical Artists and the New York Botanical Garden)

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