Iglesia de San Antonio de los Alemanes

Iglesia de San Antonio de los Alemanes

Madrid | Spain

About the Museum

The Iglesia de San Antonio de los Alemanes is a Baroque, Roman Catholic church located at the corner of Calle de la Puebla and Corredera Baja de San Pablo Madrid, Spain. It is renowned for its baroque interior decoration.

Dedicated since its origins to San Antonio de Padua, the church was started in 1624 and several masters of that time participated in its construction, such as Pedro Sánchez, Francisco Seseña and Juan Gómez de Mora. Its interior decoration was completed in several stages and a group of noteworthy painters participated in it, such as Francisco Ricci, in charge of the architectural composition decorating the dome (an example of trompe l’oeil), Francisco Carreño de Miranda, who painted San Antonio’s ascent to the Virgin, or Lucas Jordán, in charge of repainting the fresco columns.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons: Zarateman)

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