An Open Eye on the Arab World

May 15 - Dec 31, 2018

Exhibition Overview

Institute du Monde Arabe_Expo Oeil ouvert sur monde arabe.png

Open Eye on the Arab World is an exhibition that entails 240 artists, echoing the 240 moucharabiehs of the facade of the IMA. There will be 240 original works called to constitute a unique evolutionary work and a tribute to the Institution for its thirty years.

The installation is based on the process of the "exquisite corpse" invented in 1925 by the surrealists: it is a juxtaposition of works designed by different artists, without any of them being aware of the achievements of others. To create continuity, each artist is assigned a specific location, and receives the edges of the two works that will precede and overcome his. Thus, leaving room for chance, the assembly leads to a unique creation.

The choice of medium was left free, giving rise to a great diversity of artistic expressions: photography, drawing, sculpture, painting, graffiti, etc. To better understand the stages of creation of the works, videos filmed by the artists document their work.

This collective work is a tribute to the richness and dynamism of Arab culture. It honors the work of artists who have contributed to the institution's projects since its creation while opening up new expressions.

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