Brognon-Rollin: Maybe Some Of Us Will Change This

17 March–12 May 2019

Exhibition Overview


Maybe some of us will change this—a phrase from a student essay about justice—lodged itself into the psyche of artists David Brognon and Stéphanie Rollin, aka Brognon-Rollin, during their month-long residency with France Los Angeles Exchange (FLAX) and ICA LA at Metropolitan Continuation High School in Downtown Los Angeles. Metropolitan provides an alternative study program to help youth complete their high school diploma. Maybe some of us will change this, expresses hope and ambition with a dash of realistic uncertainty.

The time at Metropolitan High School allowed Brognon-Rollin to make work based on their practice of embedding themselves in a community. Their process involved a journey to the Mexican border and a collaboration with a sound engineer, educators, and the students themselves. The phrase, maybe some of us will change this, reflects a desire to address current tensions around migration, the “Border Wall,” and intolerance.

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