Metaheaven: Version History

3 October 2018–13 January 2019

Exhibition Overview


Metahaven, Eurasia (Questions on Happiness), 2018, Still.

The Institute of Contemporary Arts is pleased to present VERSION HISTORY, the first solo exhibition in a major UK institution by artists, filmmakers and designers Metahaven, featuring an expansive new moving-image commission as part of an overview of their hybrid investigations into overlapping geopolitical, technological, and emotional conditions.

Metahaven (Vinca Kruk and Daniel van der Velden) are Netherlands-based artists, filmmakers and designers. Since 2007, they have forged an experimental and speculative approach to design that encompasses visual identities, spatial installations, publications, garments and music videos. They have developed projects around digital and physical enclaves like the Principality of Sealand and WikiLeaks, and their speculative analyses have anticipated the conditions now labelled ‘post-truth’ and ‘fake news.’

Since 2015, Metahaven have focused on moving-image work between the realms of film and digital media. Presented in exhibitions, online and at film festivals, their films use a mixture of live-action, animation and archival footage, which generate a highly seductive, hybridised form between fiction and documentary.

Institute of Contemporary Arts The Mall London SW1Y 5AH +44 (0)20 7930 0493 PRESS RELEASE Metahaven, Eurasia (Questions on Happiness), 2018, Still. Courtesy Metahaven VERSION HISTORY centres on three moving-image works: the newly commissioned feature-length Eurasia (Questions on Happiness) (2018), Hometown (2018) and Information Skies (2016). These films share a vibrant aesthetic language that combines cinematic imagery with graphic, animated layers and immersive soundscapes. They are presented within distinctive installations at the ICA, including a series of murals threaded through the institute’s galleries, and a hand-tufted carpet. The dual meanings summoned by the exhibition title – both different versions of history and reality, and an interface through which these versions are rendered – are at the heart of the three works.

(Photo courtesy of Metaheaven.)

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