Instituto Tomie Ohtake

Pinheiros | Brazil

About the Museum

The Tomie Ohtake Institute was inaugurated in November 2001 as a tribute to the artist who gives it its name. It stands out as one of the city's rare spaces specially designed, architecturally and conceptually, to hold national and international exhibitions of fine arts, architecture and design. The Institute develops exhibitions that focus on the last 60 years of the artistic scene, or previous movements that lead to a better understanding of the period in which Tomie has been performing, organizing unpublished exhibitions in Brazil such as Louise Bourgeois, Josef Albers, Yayoi Kusama, Salvador Dalí, Joan Miró, among others. In addition to an outstanding program of exhibitions on the Brazilian cultural scene, the Tomie Ohtake Institute has developed contemporary art since its foundation. Therefore, it pioneered the creation of new processes for the training of teachers and students of public and private networks, as well as conducting a series of activities aimed at the general public and projects to stimulate the development of contemporary art.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons: Arte Fora do Museu

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