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23 May–11 November 2018

Exhibition Overview

Boris Mikhailov, Dünden Kalma Sandviç

Istanbul Modern Photography Gallery’s collection exhibition features exploratory works in the field of photography from the 1960s onward. The exhibition brings together works by six artists from different generations who rethink composition, material and subject matter. These artists not only reshaped traditional photography, they also witnessed the parallel upending of analogue technology that accompanied the emergence of digital photography. Using digital images, they tested the possibilities of a new visual language; from time to time, they produced works that put analogue and digital side by side. Consequently, though it appeared that digital photography had made analogue photography dated, they continued to produce images that combined them both. This selection of 25 works from the Istanbul Modern Photography Collection aims to examine the photography of our times through a perspective that takes into account the past and present.

(Photo: Boris Mikhailov, Dünden Kalma Sandviç, 1960-1970, Kromojenik baskı, 89 x 128 cm, İstanbul Modern Sanat Müzesi Fotoğraf Koleksiyonu)

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