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Housed in the Japan Football Association building, on aptly named Football Avenue, the museum is a celebration of this country's achievements in the game. True, rivals such as Brazil and Italy are far in advance on the medals count; nevertheless, there is still much to be proud of here, particularly with the recent success in the Women's World Cup. There is also the chance to watch some football in 3-D, either in comfortable viewing pods or on an almost cinema-sized screen. There are autographed balls, shirts and scarves, together with a cabinet full of trophies. Worth looking out for is a small collection of reprinted photographs dating back to the 1930s. Included are some interesting shots of a tour to Manila in the Philippines, and of the 1936 Berlin Olympics; Japan made it through to the quarter finals but then came a cropper against Italy, when they lost 8-0. To hone visitors' skills on the pitch, both table football and a Playstation football game have been provided and are free to use.

(Photo: Wikimedia)

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