Japan House São Paulo

Japan House São Paulo

São Paulo | Brazil

About the Museum

Created by the Japanese government, Japan House São Paulo is a point of diffusion of all elements of genuine Japanese culture to the international community. Japan House is a balanced, innovative and differentiated place, as well as Japanese people and culture. It is an environment that transmits hospitality and innovation, offers leisure and plays an active part of the daily life of many people. The site is also an intellectual exchange between Japan and the rest of the world, capable of producing great opportunities and attracting visitors to new experiences and activities. São Paulo was one of three locations chosen, along with London, England, and Los Angeles, United States, to host the Japan House. They are specially selected sites to propagate all the characteristics of Japan, from ancient culture to innovative perspectives. At Japan House, tradition stands side by side with the future.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons: Governo do Estado de São Paulo)

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