31 October 2018–3 March 2019

Exhibition Overview

bowie kabbalah

David Bowie, Album Cover of Station to Station, 1976.

The joint exhibition of the Jewish Museum Vienna and the Jewish Historical Museum Amsterdam will explore Kabbalah in its widest sense: its historical developments including classical Kabbalah, early Jewish mysticism, practical Kabbalah and magic, as well as its modern offshoots in art and popular culture. The exhibition follows the traces and impacts the Kabbalah left in all forms of modern art (painting, sculpture and design), literature, film and music (classical, popular). By doing so, the exhibition will offer the visitors a genuine insight into “what Kabbalah is” and provide an amazing look behind the scenes of a topic that in general is considered to be a “hidden world”.

(Photo © Steve Schapiro, Corbis Premium Historical, Getty Images.)

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