Golden Memory - China's 14th Century Unearthed Gold Exhibition

21 September–20 November 2018

Exhibition Overview

gold mask.jpg

Liao (AD 916-1125), Gold Mask, 23 cm long, 19.8 cm wide, 8 cm high, weighing 362 g.

Gold, graceful and luxurious, has been regarded as a symbol of wealth and power since ancient times. On the basis of the cultural factors outside the region, the Chinese goldsmiths have gradually combined with the cultural characteristics of various ethnic groups and localities through the innovation and development of various periods, and finally formed a unique golden culture.

In order to welcome the 2nd China Archaeological Congress held in Chengdu in October this year, the Chengdu Jinsha Site Museum will hold 40 golden archaeological materials in the 19 provinces and cities of the United Nations - the special exhibition of gold unearthed in China before the 14th century. ", showing a Chinese history in the gold. The exhibition will meet with the audience on September 21, focusing on more than 350 pieces (sets) of pre-Qin to Yuan Dynasty goldware excavated from important archaeological discoveries, showing the origin, development, innovation and prosperity of Chinese goldsmiths, highlighting China. The ancient craftsmanship of goldsmiths led the audience to pursue the golden history.

(Photo courtesy of Jinsha Site Museum.)

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