100 Ways of Thinking. University of Zurich in the Kunsthalle

Aug 25 - Nov 4, 2018

Exhibition Overview


Is music making a form of thinking? Does not it take at least two to think? Why can not computers invent jokes? How does thinking work and what happens when it stops working? These and other questions are covered in "100 Ways of Thinking". For ten weeks, the University and Kunsthalle Zürich are celebrating a science festival this fall. "100 Ways of Thinking" is an exhibition, a festival and a meeting place. It transforms the Kunsthalle Zürich into a laboratory - for research, art and teaching - and dedicates itself to the creativity and the great diversity behind the term "thinking".

At the center is an exhibition that deals with the forms of thinking in different cultures of knowledge and artistic practices. Expecting to see art, scientific lectures, objects or experiments are perceived from a different perspective. The playing field is expanded. With the entry of the university into the Kunsthalle Zürich, the focus is on the forms of knowledge and the spaces of thought; the perception of their varieties, permeabilities and modulations is sharpened.

The festival thrives on diversity and permanence, but also on transience and uniqueness. A dense program of various events complements the exhibition and moderates the meeting. The Kunsthalle Zürich becomes a stage for countless encounters: between science, art and culture. Between the search for meaning and the sense of aesthetics. Between looking back and looking ahead. Between people from different backgrounds with a common curiosity. Celebrate with us the 100 forms of thinking!

(Photo: Courtesy of Kunsthalle Zurich)

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