Simon Fujiwara: Hope House

27 January–2 April 2018

Exhibition Overview

Hope House

What is real? For the first KUB exhibition in 2018, artist Simon Fujiwara (London, *1982) is approaching an awkward subject for marketing, the history of the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. Hope House is a full-scale replica of the Anne Frank House Museum reconstructed within the Kunsthaus Bregenz over three floors. A building within a building, a museum within a museum, the ambitious installation takes its inspiration from a »build your own« model kit of the Anne Frank House Fujiwara bought in the museum gift shop in Amsterdam.

On visiting the museum, Fujiwara learned that much of the original house has been reconstructed for historical effect. Yet, this doesn‘t seem to affect the real emotional power of the experience for the millions of visitors that return each year. Fujiwara picks up these contradictions in an extremely precise and sensitive manner; his universe is populated with complex, ambiguous narratives, made visible in the form of videos, installations, sculptures, and performances.

With Hope House, Kunsthaus Bregenz continues its distinctive interventions, this time addressing inevitable issues of originality and replicability, value and history.

(Photo: Simon Fujiwara, Hope House, 2018, exhibition view second floor, Kunsthaus Bregenz, Photo: Markus Tretter, Courtesy of Simon Fujiwara, © Simon Fujiwara, Kunsthaus Bregenz)

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