Kunsthaus Dahlem

Berlin | Germany

About the Museum

Kunsthaus Dahlem is an exhibition venue for postwar German modernism (East and West) supported by funds from the Berlin Senate Chancellery – Cultural Affairs. It is administered and operated by Atelierhaus Dahlem, a non-profit subsidiary of the Bernhard Heiliger Foundation founded in 2013.

The exhibition venue concentrates on the presentation of sculpture, which is supplemented by painting, prints and drawings, and photography. It focuses in particular on the years from 1945 to 1961 (when the Berlin Wall was built) in which the capitulation and occupation, the smoldering East-West conflict, the blockade of Berlin and its overcoming by the airlift of the Western allies, and the founding of two German states were central historical moments. From an art historical perspective, these decades were characterized by ideologically superimposed, officially supported and funded art movements: “abstraction as world art” (West) and “Socialist Realism” (East).

Alongside the main exhibition, Kunsthaus Dahlem presents four temporary exhibitions per year on the second floor, which relate to postwar modernism. In addition, it regularly offers guided tours, special programmes and art workshops.

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