Sophie Jung: The Bigger Sleep

1 December 2018–3 February 2019

Exhibition Overview

Sophie Jung; The Bigger Sleep; 2018

Sophie Jung; The Bigger Sleep; 2018.

The winner of this year’s Manor Art Award, Sophie Jung (b. 1982) presents an exhibition at the Kunstmuseum Basel | Gegenwart titled The Bigger Sleep, a work created especially for the occasion.

Jung’s work blends performance, sculpture, and writing. Her sculptures are usually composed of found materials of all kind, which the artist assembles into new objects and so endows them with a novel horizon of meaning. Detritus such as a grotto fountain, military neckties, and black cat cuddly toys come together in surreal sculptures in which repetition and cross-references raise questions of original and copy, reality and fiction.

These objects then serve as the basis and source of inspiration for Jung’s texts or performances, in which the artist explores philosophical timely grievances and current affairs. At the heart of her work is a playful yet exceptionally complex engagement with language.

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