Pause: Evelyn Taocheng Wang: What is he afraid of?

27–30 September 2018

Exhibition Overview

Evelyn Taocheng.jpg

Evelyn Taocheng Wang, Cool Smell Room, 2018.

The work of Evelyn Taocheng Wang (born 1981 in Chengdu, CN) emerges from an interest in what constitutes identity and how one’s own body is culturally relative to—and intertwined with—autobiographical structures. For KW Institute for Contemporary Art’s series Pause, Wang will present a completely new body of work, consisting of two films and an installation of large-scale fabrics. Pause is envisioned as a platform to punctuate the program by presenting a singular installation for a short period of time in order to bridge relationships between the past, present and future.

The new work is a result of Wang’s reflection on differing versions of mythologies that derive from various origins and have been written, altered, edited, and retold over time in different cultural contexts, with a particular focus on the fairy tale of The Princess and the Frog. Across all of these contexts, the tale is closely related to questions of transformation and the idea that identity is fluid and adaptable.

Taking the notion of the fictionalization of characters as well as an actual architectural site, the exhibition becomes a space where narratives are translated into a spatial structure within KW’s main hall. The institution’s premises symbolize both the architecture of the body and its structure in the process of transformation.

(Photo courtesy of Evelyn Taocheng Wang.)

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