Camille Blatrix: Fortune

21 February–28 April 2019

Exhibition Overview

Camille Blatrix Fortune.jpg

Camille Blatrix, Fortune, 2019.

Camille Blatrix approaches sculpture through a language he derives from the manufactured objects that litter our lives. His complex, elaborate installations are a mix of disparate materials (metal, wood and plastic). They also oppose mass-produced elements with others which have been hand-crafted; a balance that instils each sculpture with an emotional aura.

For this exhibition at Lafayette Anticipations, his first large-scale show in Paris, Camille Blatrix was invited to occupy the top level of the glass exhibition tower, designed by Rem Koolhaas. This transparent space overlooking the surrounding rooftops has something of a penthouse feel, where power and opulence have reached their limit, and must be replaced by other conquests, a possible redemption, or a spiritual, mystical quest.

(Image © Pierre Antoine.)

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