Julian Schnabel: Symbols of Actual Life

21 April–5 August 2018

Exhibition Overview

Julian Schnabel, 'Untitled', 2016

Since 1977, Julian Schnabel has captured people’s imagination with paintings that speak to his incessant appetite for sculptural physicality, material diversity, and pictorial symbolism that have resulted in ever more audaciously scaled paintings that oscillate between abstraction and figuration. The exhibition Julian Schnabel: Symbols of Actual Life will feature a new body of work created for the Legion’s Court of Honor. At twenty-four by twenty-four feet, the paintings are both monumental in scale and ephemeral in nature. Exposed to the elements over the four-month run of the exhibition, they aren’t meant to last and as such, in the artist’s words, “epitomize much of what are the essential characteristics of the smallest and most nascent proposals of how imagery drawing and material could be called a painting.” In addition, Schnabel will show eight paintings from three distinct bodies of work including a new series of abstractions on Mexican sack linen, as well as examples from the Goat Paintings (begun in 2012) and the Jane Birkin series (1990).

(Photo: Tom Powel Imaging © Julian Schnabel Studio)

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