Wenfang: A Treasure Trove of Ming and Qing Scholarly Objects

11 July–31 August 2018

Exhibition Overview


In the largest exhibition ever devoted to the field of scholarly objects, Wenfang: A Treasure Trove of Ming and Qing Scholarly Objects features over 200 scholarly objects from the scholar’s studio and classical Chinese furniture from the Ming and Qing dynasties, some never displayed in public before.

These scholarly objects - both functional and inspirational, reflect the traditions and values of the literati. Curated in six main sections, the exhibition features scholarly objects from brush pots and scroll pots; incense tools and game accessories; to kang cabinets and kang tables. Ming and Qing scholars were the tastemakers of their time and their studios a reflection of their refined aesthetics; and the primary aim of the exhibition is to explore the different aspects of a scholar's daily life as a whole and to enable visitors, researchers and historians to visualize the lives these scholars would have led in their natural habitat, their studios or wenfang.

Guided tour HK$200 per person. As usual, appointments are required. Wednesdays are open free of charge to full-time students with prior arrangement.

(Photo: Courtesy Liang Yi Museum)

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