Exterior View, Long Museum LongChongqing

Long Museum Chongqing

Chongqing | China

About the Museum

The Long Museum Chongqing is located at the Guohua Financial Center in Jiangbei District, Chongqing. The Long Museum Chongqing occupies the first three floors of the twin tower and has three galleries inside, focusing on Chinese traditional art, revolution-themed painting and contemporary art respectively. The main gallery adopts a duplex design and is 7 meter in height. The Collection and Research Department of the museum will delve into the study and presentation of works within the museum collection featuring Sichuan/Chongqing-related subjects or by Sichuan/Chongqing-based artists; and in the meantime, exhibitions centering on the characteristics of Chongqing will also be curated and organized by the museum. Moreover, in line with the vision of integrating the traditional with the global, international art-related projects will also be introduced and presented at the Long Museum Chongqing.

With a location within a business center, the museum is committed to breaking down the boundaries between art space and business space and to integrating art with daily work and life. With designated areas for lectures and children’s education, the museum will organize a variety of art-related lectures, family workshops and public education programmes in order to imbue more possibilities and vitality of art into work and life.

As the first institute in Chongqing with a focus on the presentation of world-class collection of both Chinese and global art, the Long Museum Chongqing is dedicated to combing local needs with international vision. As a new landmark of the city, the museum will offer new perspectives and experience for both professionals and amateurs to interact with art.

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