Antony Gormley: Still Moving

9 September–26 November 2017

Exhibition Overview

Breathing Room IV [Rio]

This will be the first major presentation of Antony Gormley’s work in China. At its core is Critical Mass II (1995) an installation of 60 life-size cast iron body forms. This seminal work has been widely exhibited in Europe, but this will be its first showing in Asia. The exhibition also includes spatial works that attempt to create instruments of proprioception. Breathing Room (2012) is an environment made of nesting photo-luminescent space frames all containing the same volume, but stretched in different directions. Drawing has always been the fertile core of the artist’s work and this exhibition will include a wide selection of works on paper from 1981 through 2016. Here, Antony Gormley offers an exhibition which interacts with the unique architecture of the Long Museum to create a test site for both the work and the viewer, while introducing the major themes that have concerned him over the last 40 years: body as space and space as object.

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