Co-Lab: Contemporary Art and Savior-Faire

21 December 2017–25 March 2018

Co-Lab: Contemporary art and Savoir-Faire


Co-Lab: Contemporary Art and Savior-Faire is a collaborative project focusing on cooperation between four artists living in the UAE and four historical French manufacturers. Artists and manufacturers work together to trade skills and breathe new life into four timeless crafts: embroidery, glass, weaving and ceramic.

Co-Lab includes works by: Zeinab Alhashemi, an installation artist focusing on geometry and form manifested in different mediums, in collaboration with world-renowned stained-glass experts Saint-Just/Saint Gobain, founded in 1826. Vikram Divecha, a conceptual artist whose work explores ideas of labour, time and value, in collaboration with leading embroidery workshop MTX Broderie Architecturale, founded in 1939. Talin Hazbar, artist/designer with a fascination for raw materials, in collaboration with the great porcelain factory, Manufacture Nationale de Sévres, founded in 1740. Khalid Shafar, furniture and object design specialist, in collaboration with furniture specialists, Mobilier national et manufactures des Gobelins, de Beauvais et de Savonnerie, created in 1604 by Henri IV.

Co-Lab: Contemporary art and Savoir-Faire is part of the Emirati-French Cultural Programme: Dialogue with Louvre Abu Dhabi, an initiative established.

(Photo: Courtesy Louvre Abu Dhabi)

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