Miltos Mantels: Internet Paintings

16 March–20 May 2018

Exhibition Overview

Italian Painting

MAXXI is devoting a focus exhibition to Miltos Manetas based on the work Italian Painting, 2000 from 2000, part of the museum’s collection and a forerunner of the series entitled The Internet Paintings.

Recognised worldwide for his internet-based works investigating new technologies and their influence on human beings, the artist brings together on canvas inputs from the virtual world and processes them through the analysis and decodification of the real and its representation, thus creating a new inconographical system of the present.

Collages of site and images collected on the web, the surface of the Internet Painting modifies, updates and houses new pages just as every web site continuously evolves, appears and disappears.

The themes of the paintings in the project: #Bb9#BerlinBiennale2016 (il presente travestito), Google Street View, MedioSud, Moda Muerta, Natura Matura, NEEN + Ñewpressionism, Selfies.

Manetas’s creative process, based on a profound need to communicate typical our present is shared with other people: throughout the period of the exhibition those who responded to an open call will play an active part, together with the artist, in the conception, creation and modification of the pictorial cycle.

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