American Haiku: The Woodcuts of Ted Faiers

1 October 2018–12 May 2019

Exhibition Overview


Ted Faiers, Dancers One-Two-Three, 1962. Woodcut, 2/5.

Memphis artist Ted Faiers (1908-1985) is featured in an exhibition of woodcuts, selected from the permanent collection. Faiers is best remembered for his large relief paintings with figures that project off the surface and that are colorful, insightful and satirical; the people are defined by flat shapes and patterns, each relevant to their time. His woodcuts, which span the life of his career, reflect the same inventiveness and approach to form. This exhibition includes prints from his early abstract period in the 1950s as well as his representational art of the 60s and 70s. As in his paintings, his figural woodcuts present powerful observations of the human condition, provide commentary on American social issues, and examine local culture. They also attest to Faiers great affinity for woodworking and his mastery of the medium.

(Photo © Estate of the artist.)

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