Exterior View, Minsheng Art Museum

Minsheng Art Museum

Shanghai | China

About the Museum

Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum, a not-for-profit art institution, was founded by China Minsheng Bank in 2008. The mission is to undertake social responsibilities and promote modern and contemporary Chinese art in a global context. The museum opened to public in 2010, and moved to its new location in Pudong district in 2017, after combining with 21st Century Minsheng Art Museum. The museum takes in-depth study of the overall development of China's contemporary art and put much emphasis on cultural communications in local areas and with the rest of the world, aiming to bridge a gap between various art forms and to attract more audience to participate and appreciate art. Through various forms of exhibitions and academic exchanges, the museum establishes practical opportunities to promote positive interactions between artists, art institutions and projects in China and abroad.

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