Collective Symptom: Art in the Affective Social Field

14 March–26 May 2019

Exhibition Overview


The Collective Symptom project is a new exhibition, being the part of Collection. A Vantage Point Program, which seeks to explore and present art from the Moscow Museum of Modern Art collection. Each previous display in the series revealed a unique method of showing the museum’s collection: from conceptual approach to formal strategy of display. This project, being the fourth installment of the program, deals with a range of motifs belonging to the field of social sensitivity.

Curators have gained inspiration from the notion of ‘experience society’ elaborated by a German sociologist Gerhard Schulze in early 1990s. According to this theory, contemporary urban society has been going through a radical change in the rationale of everyday sensitivity. For instance, consumption becomes necessary not so much to fill fundamental everyday needs as for the sake of the so-called ‘self design’. Thus, what turns out to be really ‘sense-making’ in the context is the very emotional experience of connecting with a community or another. At the same time it is impossible to dismiss the fact that the need of belonging to a group and getting social approval from a certain individual or community has been a fundamental human quality throughout the whole history of civilization.

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